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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Hey there, folks!

Another week of learning about SEO and Internet marketing strategies, another week of me passing along the SEO strategies and IM strategies that I've learned!

This one comes from another member over at TheKeywordAcademy.com (TKA). There's a total genius over there that is willing to offer everything he learns to the masses. Half of his advice flies straight over my head. But the things that I do understand are pretty awesome.

So here's a tip from an SEO expert, someone that does this for a living...

It helps to rank well for a root keyword if you use a qualifier. So if you wanted to rank for "boats", unless you have boats.com locked up, or a bajillion links pointing at your site, it will be very difficult to rank for your term. Very difficult.

However,  you could create an article named "What Are Boats" - then externally and internally link to it using "boats" as the anchor text. Write a bunch of articles and submit them to the various directories, and you can rise very quickly using this process.

Consider reviewing the articles on your site with the view of writing some "explanatory articles" along the lines of "what are boats". Any qualifier should work. You could do this with "used X", "X for free", "where are X", "X in California", etc. Use your imagination. Don't fear the tough keywords. But be prepared for a fight.

If this works for a guy who uses this strategy to make money from home, and that's all he does -  it's probably pretty sound advice!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Website Promotion Services On TKA

Hi everyone,

I'm sure I have any readers yet, but I'll just keep throwing out things I learn about Internet marketing, and tips about SEO as I run across them.

As it happens, I ran across an awesome deal on the forum over at TheKeywordAcademy.com (TKA). There are various offers for internet business services pretty frequently at TKA. Here's the thing. An awful lot of the make money online game is a waiting game. You build a site, then wait for people to come. You write some articles and submit them to online directories and wait for traffic. No matter what a genius you are, you still have to wait for the various SEs, social bookmarking sites, etc. to put all the information together and send people to your site.

If you are a member of TKA this works to your favor. Since a lot of the member are building their own niche sites and super sites (and many of them are very, very good), they still need income while they wait for their sites to produce enough income to make it their sole source of money. This means you can get amazing people to promote your site with the exact same strategies they've perfected for their own sites.

This is what I've done for my main site just this week. I paid a modest fee to someone from TKA and they guarantee to get me on page one on Google for my designated keyword within 120 days. Not only that - they promised to promote 10 other pages on the site simultaneously!

Of course, I don't know the results yet, but I'm very excited. If it works, I'll apply the same tactic to this site which gets somewhere in the neighborhood of zero traffic as of this writing. That's ok. I understand that I'm a rookie with very little experience to offer as far as making money online. I can only tell you what hasn't worked yet.

As I gain experience (and money!), I'll be able to offer my own insights as to what works and what doesn't. By that time, I imagine I'll have plenty of traffic.

Here's hoping there are thousands of people reading this soon!!


Friday, September 17, 2010

The Keyword Academy Makes You Money

As my journey to earn a passive income online continues, I can't help but acknowledge where much of that help came from. Though I learned much from Griz (just google Griz and Money if you don't know about this guy...he's awesome but has basically retired by using his own methods), recently I've been learning from Mark and Court over at The Keyword Academy (TKA).

These guys have started up the best site - by far - of any of the other "make money online" sites. The thing is, they have a sound plan for how to achieve the goal of making money from home. Its not just some hazy guide that never pans out. They map it out for you. They lay it out as plain as day how to earn money online. In fact, that's some of what I post here. When I run across a good tidbit of information on TKA, I'll pass it along here.

There are more benefits than I can think of for why you should join TKA. Let's start with the structure. It isn't easy. There may be ways to make easy online money (for short term money), but this isn't one of them. They require you to work...or, at least outsource your work. But that's all part of building an online business that will run with or without you someday. Just imagine, checking your AdSense income from a resort in Jamaica. Sound nice?

Ok, so they give you a detailed plan for how to earn money from home. Part of this plan involves article marketing - writing articles and submitting them to sites all over the Internet. Well, they've started up their own network of sites to facilitate that as well. You can submit your site for folks to write FREE content (yes, I said free content!) for you or you can write content for other sites with links to your own site. A beautiful exchange of content for links; links for content.

Want more? Ok, how about the best keyword software I've ever used! They call it Niche Refinery. They'll show you how to use Google's free Keyword Tool to pull hundreds and hundreds of keywords from the Internet. Then upload your file and they'll process it and show you the keywords that will make the most money with the least amount of effort.

On a side note, TKA will explain to you their formula for finding keywords very freely...it will just take you hundreds of hours to do all the research yourself, and their Niche Refinery software does it all for you. Seems silly to waste your time doing this research when you could be writing content for your site.

Still not satisfied? You're a tough sale, huh?! Ok. How 'bout their brand new offering called Streamline. This is a program for you to track everything you post on your site; every keyword you target; every backlink to your site; and its only just started. They're still adding to it. There is a pretty good formula that says if you get X amount of  backlinks to your site, you'll get to the top of the search engines (SEs). Streamline will get you there if you utilize it.

My goodness. If you are still reading and still not convinced... you may need serious psychological help. My fingers are worn out, but I'll give you one more reason to join TKA. They have got the most awesome community of Internet marketers I've run across. While there are plenty of rookies (like me) asking questions, their are also a lot of people of all experience levels trying out new theories, testing different backlinking websites, reviewing content creation websites, discussing content distribution websites, sharing insights on new programs, etc. 

These aren't the superior assholes you find on some of the other sites who like to talk down the us rookies. These guys are actually as helpful as Mark and Court, the two guys that started TKA. Some of the forum members are even more helpful, giving advice before even being asked. Everyone is sharing strategies and results. Its awesome!

If all this isn't enough... I don't know what is. To be totally honest, if you join through my link, I'll get a small commission. But you can join for free for one month to see how good it is. After that, if you like, you can stay. If you don't like it, go away and I'll earn nothing. What can it hurt to try?

Go to The Keyword Academy right now to begin the process that could lead to your early retirement.

 I'll be a member either way. I just can't help but pass on to you what a wonderful site it is.



Friday, September 3, 2010

Niche Sites or Super Sites?

As my education continues, I find that my journey to earn a passive income from home is like walking on quick sand. The 'make money from home' terrain is constantly shifting under my feet and I'm changing strategies as the landscape dictates. What do I mean by all this?

For months (maybe years?) I've been reading that the way to excel in the search engines (SEs) was to create an obscure niche that would not have much competition. Utilizing this SEO technique would allow the SEs to find my website easier when someone typed in a long-tail keyword. The next step is to create more and more and more of these niche sites, making a few dollars on each one per month.

This may be a strategy that some people follow. It makes sense and has been working for plenty of people for years. The latest in SEO theory, though, is to create Supersites. You may ask "What the heck is that?" I would say "That's a good question". There is no hard and fast definition that I can tell, but it seems to be a focus on using the 'niche website' strategy and applying it more broadly.

Meaning that you should still go for the niche topic, but develop it more rather than slapping up 5 or 10 pages and moving on to the next niche. The reason this makes more sense (at least it makes more sense to me), is that you need to do an awful lot of article marketing to build up a given webpage. Once one of your webpages has been built up to have some Authority (Google calls this Page Rank - known as PR) with the SEs, why abandon it to start a whole new site?

Why not use that page to build up another page on the same site? Why not continue to broaden your niche topic and build up the Authority of every page of the site? High PR pages carry a lot of weight with the SEs and if you can use one high PR page to link to, and build up, another page on your site...good for you!

This path to so-called easy online money takes a lot of education and work. While there are plenty of internet business opportunities, none are without effort. Whether you go with the niche site or the supersite, the main thing you should do is - take action!

Until next time!