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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Hey there, folks!

Another week of learning about SEO and Internet marketing strategies, another week of me passing along the SEO strategies and IM strategies that I've learned!

This one comes from another member over at TheKeywordAcademy.com (TKA). There's a total genius over there that is willing to offer everything he learns to the masses. Half of his advice flies straight over my head. But the things that I do understand are pretty awesome.

So here's a tip from an SEO expert, someone that does this for a living...

It helps to rank well for a root keyword if you use a qualifier. So if you wanted to rank for "boats", unless you have boats.com locked up, or a bajillion links pointing at your site, it will be very difficult to rank for your term. Very difficult.

However,  you could create an article named "What Are Boats" - then externally and internally link to it using "boats" as the anchor text. Write a bunch of articles and submit them to the various directories, and you can rise very quickly using this process.

Consider reviewing the articles on your site with the view of writing some "explanatory articles" along the lines of "what are boats". Any qualifier should work. You could do this with "used X", "X for free", "where are X", "X in California", etc. Use your imagination. Don't fear the tough keywords. But be prepared for a fight.

If this works for a guy who uses this strategy to make money from home, and that's all he does -  it's probably pretty sound advice!

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