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Monday, November 22, 2010

More SEO Strategies

A few ideas for more SEO strategies, folks.

Once you have your site up and running, start analyzing your Google Analytics. If you are getting search traffic to your site for keywords that you don't rank on page 1 in the SERPs, then you may have found an under-served keyword.

Check scroogle.org to see what keywords you rank for. Scroogle scrapes the results from Google while not counting your own searches. This is good. You don't want google seeing you searching for your own topics and throwing off their data.

This is called low-hanging fruit. Build a link-net to further pump up your ranking for this keyword. A link net can come in a couple of different forms. You could create 5 posts that all point at the original post with varying forms of the keyword.

You can also use a plug-in like SmartLinks that will automatically link keywords that you select to specific pages every time you use them. Over time, as you build more and more posts with different keywords, your posts automatically link more and more.

I've read that internal posts are just as valuable as external posts pointing towards your page. If this is true, you are wasting valuable links on your own site! Using SmartLinks is awesome.

Either of these methods will help to build your authority for a given keyword. Of course, if a link-net post is getting traffic, then make it its own post and build another link-net around it, too.

Some general hings to keep in mind as you write and link...

-As you write your posts, ensure that your exact keyword naturally appears twice in the article. I follow Griz's advice and try to put the keyword in the first and last sentence of the article. Sometimes that's too awkward and I just make the best of it.

-Writing is the name of the game, here. Write lots of different articles using variations of keywords.

-Always keep pushing to beat the sites in front of you... even if they have higher PR. Internal linking and keyword density, etc can work for you. Keep building links and you will beat them.

-Should you be in competition with someone who you are linking to, or who is linking to you? Yes! You are both helping each other. This makes good strong links for each of your pages and sites.

-Link old posts and new posts to strengthen your link-net.

-I use google analytics. This gives google acess that may be unwelcome, but adsense knows everything anyway, so they already have your info, and analytics is good for users.

-Whenever possible add a new post to the site to achieve a double listing. If you are getting traffic... 100 - 200 visitors per day, this will greatly increase your income per site.

-Build authority by building more and more links to your site.

Is there a minimum search target for low hanging fruit? Don't bother unless you are getting 50 visitors per day, but consider your top 10 keywords for bringing search traffic to your site...

-Focus on what is working and always be prospecting on what might work...

-Higher PR sites are worth much, much more than lower PR sites. Finding such sites are the hard part. One place to find sites like this is TKA.

I hope all of you are beginning to put some of this stuff in to practice and see some results. I'm trying to do all the research on SEO strategies so you don't have to.



Monday, November 15, 2010

Online Earnings - October2010

Just a quick note about my online earnings for October.

I had a quite a spike last month. Between the various online places, I came in just under $19. Pitiful, I know. But I was ridiculously happy about it. These small milestones are what keep us going in the Internet marketing game.

I continue to write pages for my site, and occasionally posting on Hubpages to help with the backlinks. The woman I hired a couple of months back from TKA is also adding links for me (at various social bookmarking sites, I believe).

Anyways, my main site is getting 20-30 visitors per day instead of 5-10 visitors. So I'm going in the right direction. Still small, but my chosen field is quite competitive. I'm not going after 'underwater basket weaving' like the smart folks do.

I recently read that on-site links are just as valuable as off-site links. This gives credibility to the idea of writing strictly for your own site and cross-linking like mad. This will create tons of internal links all pointing at each other.

The problem is that no one really knows the SEs algorithms so its all guesswork. I lean towards writing for my own site because it seems reasonable that if Google could filter out all the link-farms, link-directories (eZine, articlesbase, etc.), they would. But linking internally seems perfectly safe.

Who knows which is right. And tons of people are making tons of money using the article directories. I just don't want to follow that trend right now. If my current strategy fails, I may be forced into trying other means.

I can afford to pay for quite a lot of articles to be written and posted to various directories if need be. Anyways, just wanted to post the most recent online earnings... despite the embarassment of the small amount of money!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Testing BlogJet

I have installed a new application - BlogJet. It's an interesting Windows client for my blog tool. We'll see how well it works. I'm testing it to see how well it can link my pages together. In my brief usage, it seems clunky and not easy to use.

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