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Monday, October 4, 2010

Don't Make Readers, Make Money Online

Hi everyone,

I've been re-reading some of Griz's old posts on his "How To Make Money Online For Beginners". He makes it sound so easy! But here are a couple of tips I picked up will be applying soon. Bear in mind this strategy is strictly if you are looking to make money online using AdSense. It may not apply with other methods.

First, make your site ugly. Not terribly ugly, but definitely unappealing. Obviously Griz can't easily define what that means, but he says he is constantly playing with the look and feel of his sites to get just the right amount of ugly. The idea is that people will land on your site and be turned off by it and immediately click on of your exit links to get away.

Generally your most obvious exit links are your ads. They should be very apparent "above the fold". Above the fold just means that it should display when the page first loads. No scrolling necessary. If you go to his blog, you'll see unappealing colors and a very basic layout. I'd follow that strategy here, but alas, I get no traffic already so it wouldn't really matter.

Another of his tips is to write solid, useful content that is also very bland and leaves the reader wanting more. If you answer every question the reader has...then they are satisfied. They do not continue to search for answers - and they don't search by using your ads. Your content needs to be good enough, but not too thorough. I'm sure this is something that can be practiced.

A high CTR (click-through-rate) is related to bounce rate. Your CTR is the percent of people that click your ads . Bounce rate is the percent of people that land on your page and immediately leave. Hopefully by using your ads.

I spent months working to build the best, most useful site I could and currently have a bounce rate of less than 10%. I thought that was awesome. However, I finally realized that as my bounce rate went down  - my CTR also went down. The better my content gets, the more people just sit and read my pages. They aren't looking any more!

If you strictly create sites that are ugly and not helpful, G may put you "in the sandbox". And G continues to get better and better and discriminating between real content and spun content. To avoid

So I'm revamping my main site again. Uglier. Less easy to find all my great information. My ego has a hard time producing less helpful information. I'll report back how its going soon.

Remember, you don't want a bunch of readers... you want targeted traffic that lands on your page, and then keeps looking,



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