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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Website Promotion Services On TKA

Hi everyone,

I'm sure I have any readers yet, but I'll just keep throwing out things I learn about Internet marketing, and tips about SEO as I run across them.

As it happens, I ran across an awesome deal on the forum over at TheKeywordAcademy.com (TKA). There are various offers for internet business services pretty frequently at TKA. Here's the thing. An awful lot of the make money online game is a waiting game. You build a site, then wait for people to come. You write some articles and submit them to online directories and wait for traffic. No matter what a genius you are, you still have to wait for the various SEs, social bookmarking sites, etc. to put all the information together and send people to your site.

If you are a member of TKA this works to your favor. Since a lot of the member are building their own niche sites and super sites (and many of them are very, very good), they still need income while they wait for their sites to produce enough income to make it their sole source of money. This means you can get amazing people to promote your site with the exact same strategies they've perfected for their own sites.

This is what I've done for my main site just this week. I paid a modest fee to someone from TKA and they guarantee to get me on page one on Google for my designated keyword within 120 days. Not only that - they promised to promote 10 other pages on the site simultaneously!

Of course, I don't know the results yet, but I'm very excited. If it works, I'll apply the same tactic to this site which gets somewhere in the neighborhood of zero traffic as of this writing. That's ok. I understand that I'm a rookie with very little experience to offer as far as making money online. I can only tell you what hasn't worked yet.

As I gain experience (and money!), I'll be able to offer my own insights as to what works and what doesn't. By that time, I imagine I'll have plenty of traffic.

Here's hoping there are thousands of people reading this soon!!


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