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Friday, August 6, 2010

What I’ve Learned About How To Make Money Online

As you know, Dear Reader, my journey to make money online has had only limited success. I’m a year into the process, and have yet to make it big. To be honest though, for much of that time I was working on the wrong things. I didn’t know much about link building or article marketing and I’ve since learned that those are the main things that will make a site profitable.

The mantra "Content is King" was thrown around so much that I spent all my time writing articles that I thought were very useful. But if you don't land on page one of the search engines (SEs), then you may as well not be there. So, while "Content is King" may be true, you must still divide your time between creating new content and building back links.

What are back links?

Back links are when someone links back to your site. To the SEs, they are votes for your site. These votes say that you must have some good stuff, and that people are encouraging their readers to check out your site for more information about a given topic.

I've covered article marketing and blog commenting briefly in a previous post so I won't belabor the point. But how much time should you spend on these tasks? It seems around 80% - 90% of your time should be spent working on getting links. Writing articles and submitting to article directories, or surfing blogs on which to make intelligent, useful comments. Only 10% - 20% of your time is to be spent actually creating content for your own money making website.

Article Marketing Tips

So if you are submitting articles to directories, be sure to use your keyword as the link back to the page that you are targeting. See, the SEs like deep links. Deep links are links to pages of your site that are not your home page. If you only ever link to the homepage, the SEs will think that's a great home page and may rank it very highly, but the rest of your pages will never get ranked. And each page of your site should target a different keyword.

There is usually a place at the end of each article that talks about the author. This is called the bio box. This is where you will be allowed to put your links. So don't put " 'click here' to see my site." Then you'll be ranking for 'click here'. You'll want to write something like, "For more information about 'your keyword', please visit my site 'your site name'. I've made the text blue for where your links will actually be. 

Link Farms

These are sites that charge you a fee to purchase thousands and thousands of back links. I've only heard bad things about link farms. When a web page suddenly gets thousands of links all at once, it is very obvious to the SEs that it is artificial. I've heard the SEs will ban you if you use them. Don't use them.

Link Exchanges

A link exchange is when you and another website owner exchange links. While this is good, its not the most useful of links. The SEs like one-way links much better. One-way links are an indication that one site is voting for another site. Link exchanges look like what it is - two sites trying to promote each other.

Other Links

The best kind of links are also the kind that are woven into the content of an article. These are the most natural-looking to the SEs, and they also carry the most weight. That's why you see various links scattered throughout my posts. These links are pointing to other posts on this blog. It is a way to build links within my own site! Doing too much of this probably isn't a good thing, but sprinkling a few throughout an article is.

I'll continue to share the things I learn about how to make money online as I gain experience...

That's all for now.



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