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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Money Making Website

In my quest to earn money from home, I've started more than one money making website. See, my goal is not just to make money online, but to build something that will provide a passive income for years to come. As part of this effort, I'm sharing my experiences with you, Dear Reader, and perhaps you can learn from my failures. Here are some things I've learned.

Blogs and/or websites are the way to go. Writing for HubPages or Squidoo works, but any money your articles produce (by readers clicking on the ads on your pages), you have to split. The tradeoff is that the Search Engines (SEs) know and like the big article sites. They get huge amounts of traffic. And some of that traffic will find your article and possibly click an ad, and thus, provide you with a few cents.

Starting your own website allows you to keep all the money from the ads...provided you can find some readers. Traffic is the name of the game. And trust me, just putting up a site doesn't mean diddly. No one will ever find your site unless you are on page one in the SE pages.

After writing 18 articles for eHow, I decided to go it alone. It is much, much, much harder to do, but I believe the future is brighter doing it this way. Only time will tell, I suppose. Here are a couple of tips I've picked up in my ongoing education.

Link Building

How do the SEs know which sites are the good ones? By the number of websites that link to them, of course! So if I've got amazing, original content and thousands of webmasters put a link on their site telling readers that I've got some really helpful information, then the SEs assume I must really know my stuff. So when someone searches for say, earn money, my site shows up at the top. Almost no one does it this way, though.


What most people do is to "artificially" inflate the amount of links to their site. One way is to go on other sites/blogs in the same niche as you (we'll cover niches later), and leave a useful and informed comment with a link back to your site. Spam comments just get deleted so don't run all over the internet leaving useless comments. These comments don't carry much weight with the SEs, but they do count.

Article Marketing

A second way is to write articles for various article directories. EzineArticles.com is the biggest, I think. GoArticles.com and ArticleBase are a couple others. I've used all three. The idea is to write an article (around 400 words usually), and submit it to them. They, in turn, allow you to place up to two links in your profile which appears at the bottom of each article.

These are two of the most common ways to promote a website and get backlinks at the same time.

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