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Friday, August 20, 2010

SEO Techniques (Part 2)

Yes, Dear Reader, I'm giving you even more SEO techniques to grow your blog or website to new heights. My generosity knows no bounds. Become your very own SEO expert by following a few simple tips.

  • Start A Competing Site - If you manage to crack the top 10 with one of your pages (or more than one if you're really good), start another site targeting the same keywords and using the same SEO techniques you used to get your first page ranked. In this way you can dominate the entire top 10 spots for your keyword. Then start up 50 more sites doing the same thing. Own the keyword.
  • Add A Sitemap - Having a sitemap can help the SEs find all the pages on your site. Of course they're supposed to craws every link anyways, but giving a little help to the bots can only help you, too.
  • Use .Com - It seems to be true that .com domain names get more love from the SEs. The next best is .net. Going after .biz or .tv is much more difficult and often look like scam sites.
  • Check Your Links - Broken links on your site piss off people as well as SEs. Make sure they all work.
  • Navigation - Some SEs won't even crawl your site without some form of navigation, whether its at the top or on either side of your content. People need to be able to navigate around your site, too, by the way.
  • Forget Flash - SEs can't see flash animation. Use it only for your human visitors.
  • Label Images - SEs also can't see images. If you insist on using them (and lots of people do like them), use a descriptive label to tell the SE what the picture is of. This can also get you some extra search traffic when people are searching or images.
  • Copy The Competition - Go to Yahoo Site Explorer and see what sites are linking to your competition. Then see if you can get those people to link to you, as well. Clearly they don't mind giving out links. Why not give some to you?
  • Don't Stop - If you do manage to make to the top of the pile, you can't sit back with a margarita and relax. The SEs are constantly changing their algoritms, new competitors are emerging onto the scene, people are reading up on SEO techniques (like these here) and are moving up the ranks.
  • Band Together - Join a group or forum of like-minded webmasters to keep up with the ever-changing search engine landscape. There will be plenty of theories about how the SEs are working. Some will be crazy. But you can see trends when many people share their experiences - both good and bad.

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