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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Online Earnings - January 2011

Greetings to new readers who have managed to find my tiny site. As I learn new ways to earn online money, I'll pass them on to you. In the meantime, I'm posting my earnings so you can track my progress and see how I'm doing.

I encourage you to compare yourself to my progress. Some of you will blow me out of the water, others will be able to relate to my struggles.

Here's the recent history...

09/10: $7.48
10/10: $18.99
11/10: $26.58
12/10: $54.33

And January came in at a disappointing $50.50. Going the wrong direction, but February looks promising so far...

As of Janurary 31, I had around 78,000 incoming links from various sources. I continue to struggle over the best strategy to make money online. More on that later.

As I have time, I'll update some more about current SEO strategies and best practices for making money online.



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